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Ants are some of the most common pests to find inside the home. These pests are attracted to warmth, moisture and food sources – all of which your home has in spades. Ants do not distinguish between residential and commercial spaces. A roof over their head is a roof no matter where they are, but if these ants are livings under yours, call Onsite. Our Burnaby ant removal removes every ant, leg, thorax and trace of these pests.

What To Expect From Ants

There is an idea that spills and crumbs will attract ants and that is very true! These are not the only reasons that ants squeeze their way indoors but it is a big selling feature. Ants make create large colonies outdoors. Depending on their species, you might find colonies in damp or rotting wood, in fields, gardens or around concrete structures. As temperatures take a turn for the worse, or populations grow too large, ants set out to find new living spaces. It is easy for these small pests to sneak into your home or business, but difficult to get them out! Satellite colonies are usually made behind walls or under flooring so just tracking them can feel impossible without the right help. Luckily, the staff at Onsite are always ready to lend a hand with our Burnaby ant removal.

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Burnaby Ant Removal: Getting Rid Of Pests

Insects are always trying to preserve their populations. With that in mind, they will not go down without a fight. When treating ant populations behind the scene, the right tools are so important. Instead of creating unnecessary damage to your property, let our highly trained pest experts treat your property safely, effectively and properly. By using injection rods and imaging tools, there is nowhere that these satellite colonies cannot hide.

Booking an important for your Burnaby ant removal has never been easier than it is with Onsite. One call does it all to get rid your unwanted ant populations.

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