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Constructed paper colonies take time to build, but they seem as if they pop up over night. You might not notice paper foundations going up around your home or business but once they are fully functional – they can’t be ignored. Nests can house hundreds of stinging pests at any given time, so it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Luckily, Onsite provides prompt, local services to members of the Abbotsford communities.

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The Consequences of Sharing Space

It isn’t that hard to handle one wasp all on its own, but there is strength in numbers. These insects are not seen in high volume during spring months, but that is because they are hard at work. Unlike some other pests, wasps are focused and goal oriented and their goal in spring is to build. Wasps chew and layer a papery substance until they have created housing fit for a queen (literally!). While they seem to appear quite easily, destroying a wasp nest is a tough job! These pests are tough and territorial.

Trying to remove the nest without proper technique or training only leads to big trouble. Sure, stings hurt but they can also cause allergic reactions and even be fatal. In order to safely remove one of these structures, it is important to identify exactly what you are dealing with and treat it accordingly. Typically, exposed nests might hang from tree lines or rafters but they can be found elsewhere. Whether you are dealing with heights or ground nesting, Onsite has you covered.

Getting Rid of Wasps

Wasp stings are no picnic, but with such a serious health hazard, safety and control products are key to success. In order to properly remove a nest, the right control products need to be in place. Slipping a bug bomb near an entry point will only aggravate any pests inside. Instead of taking a risk, our Onsite specialists draw pests out, making wasp control safe again. On the chance that there are still stingers lingering around, our technicians are outfitted with top-notch safety equipment. It is vital to be able to spot the difference between bees, wasps and hornets. While some of these cause a negative reaction, bees need to be protected. For property owners, taking pest control into their own hands can result in damage to bee populations and even pose environmental risks.

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