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When it comes to rodents, squirrels are definitely on the cuter side of the spectrum. You might notice these fur balls leaping from branch to branch or balancing on electric wiring. While bushy tails have become a part of the landscape in British Columbia, they don’t belong indoors! When your home or commercial space is in need of humane squirrel removal – just call Onsite! Our local pest control services handle your pest problem safely, humanely and quickly.

Need Pest Control Services?

Choosing Professional Service

Hiring a pest management professional for your squirrel control needs means all the difference between a temporary issue and long-term tenants! Wildlife removal is tough with any pest but squirrels are in a league of their own. These rodents are quick, unsanitary, and destructive. There are plenty of moral reasons and local laws that prevent the harsh treatment of animals. Instead of relying on pest control that could be harmful to these animals. Onsite is committed to live trapping and prevention techniques.

Trying to get rid of squirrels on your own can lead to more damage than you might think. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with tree squirrels, a flying squirrel or a grey squirrel – they are all game animals! This makes these pests survivalists and instinctive. These animals build nests soon after sneaking in and begin to reproduce quickly. If you toss one squirrel out, you might be separating a family. If mothers and babies are separated, they will claw away at construction materials in order to get back in. This means that removal specialists have had to get creative to avoid unnecessary damage, while still getting results.

How We Work

It takes time to understand the ins and outs of pest control. Luckily, our Onsite specialists have spent years learning how to treat and prevent squirrel infestations. Trapping squirrels is part of the job, but so is creating a plan for complete removal. The secret to success is sealing all entry points, except one. By rigging this final exit, our pest experts let rodents leave without the ability to reenter. Squirrels leave of their own accord and you are free of an infestation – it’s a win-win!

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