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Spiders are some of the most universally disliked houseguests out there. These eight-legged intruders will always outstay their welcome. As if entering homes without permission is not bad enough, they climb walls and clutters corners with unsightly webbing. Only professional spider control can keep these pests out – and keep them out!

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Why Get Rid of Spiders

Treating spider infestations are not as cut and dry as handling other insect infestations. Spiders are arachnids, but they are also clever hunters. Removing a basic food source is not enough to discourage these pests from hanging around. Instead of handling the obvious populations lurking in closets, attics or crawlspaces, the staff at Onsite treat spiders at every life cycle. Spraying for adults might help superficially but results only come from full removal of adolescents and egg sacs.

Leaving any pest to run rampant through your residential or commercial space can only lead to trouble. Visible signs of arachnid infestation might consist of first hand glances or webbing but, at times, you might be dealing with bites. Although not all spiders are aggressive toward humans, the odd ones like the wolf spiders, the brown recluse spider or the black widow spider are known to bite. When these spiders bite, they might result in no more than an itchy red patch or they can irritate allergies or cause major health concerns.

The Onsite Approach

The key to proper pest removal is to treat both spiders and other pests. Arachnids are a type of animal, and animals are divided into hunters and prey. Spiders feed on other insects, so doing a full sweep of any and all insect intruders helps to keep them away. Without a renewable food source to keep them full, there is no reason for these pests to hang around. One single spider can have hundreds of offspring per year, so quick action is vital to a spider-free environment. Spraying over large areas might seem dangerous but you have nothing to worry about with Onsite on your side. Our pest control specialists use friendly techniques to treat infestations, so you don’t have to worry about health hazards posed by harsh chemicals. Because our pest specialists are local to your area, they have a vested interest in the condition of our communities. Prompt service and great results are only a phone call away.

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