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Sow bugs thrive in damp environments, so it is no wonder that these pests love to call British Columbia home. As convenient as it might be for bugs to sneak indoors, they are a pain for property owners. Instead of learning to share your hard-won space with uninvited guests, call Onsite for your Abbotsford sow bug removal.

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Getting Rid of Nuisances

More so than being dangerous intruders, sow bugs and pills bugs are more of a nuisance. These pests are attracted to leaf litter and rotting organic matter. Something as simple as not raking your front garden or backyard can mean an infestation of these roly-poly intruders. Even in a seemingly sealed space, persistent pests will find entry points. Any crack and crevice or even doors and windows can let these critters – and their many pairs of legs – indoors.

One of the greatest pest problems that face property owners are those that are active at night. Even on seemingly dry days, dirt can hold moisture. When insects sneak in at the ground level, it does not take them long to find damp basements or crawl spaces to call home. There are plenty of theories as to how these insects can be dealt with, but throwing down diatomaceous earth is not enough to solve your problem. Call in an Onsite technician for prompt service for your pest control needs.

The Onsite Approach

Proper sow bug control includes more than just sweeping up insect remains and turning on a fan. Our Onsite specialists provide information on how to seal cracks, dry out spaces and keep an eye out for problem areas. Foundation walls, for example, can be a hollow, but comfortable home for pests. When you are ready for long-term results for your pest control needs, just call Onsite for all the treatment and training you could ever need.

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