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A mouse might not be the biggest rodent on the planet, but they can be some of the most destructive. Mice live in urban environments because resources are easily available. You might not mind seeing one of these pests scurrying across a sidewalk, but having them in your home is a totally different story! Rodents creep into properties, spreading bacteria, leaving droppings behind and chewing through construction materials. With mice in large numbers, you are dealing with health hazards, fire risk and loads of damage to your property.

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There are plenty of so-called solutions to a mouse infestation but the only real way to get the job done is through professional mouse control services. Pest control methods mean more than just getting rid of visible mouse populations. Blocking entry points and removing food sources (like accessible pet food or dry goods) all prevent mice from re-infesting your home or workspace. Instead of focusing on temporary solutions, the experts at Onsite forces on long-term results.

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Rolling the dice with everyday removal methods like rodent baits or snap traps aren’t enough to get rid of mice safely. There are always threats associated with items such as poison, but rodents themselves can be even worse. An average house mouse is not always smart enough to avoid set traps or baits, which means a messy aftermath. Rogue rodents can crawl behind walls, which means a smelly and bacteria-ridden clean up. Bait stations might lure pests in, but it won’t take care of the problem for you. When you choose professional pest control services, you can rest assured that you are not stuck with these problems.

The longer that these pests are left to their own devices, the greater the health risk is to you. Once they have hunkered down, these rodents contaminate food, rip apart insulation, chew through wiring and leave droppings all over. Save yourself the grief of digestive issues, respiratory illness by taking necessary safety precautions with Onsite.

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