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Indian meal moth might not be a household name, but chances are that you have seen these pests lurking in cupboards at one point or another. Indian meal moths infest homes, and commercial properties, contaminating food, taking up space and acting as a nuisance. When you begin to notice fluttering wings and clogged cupboards, call Onsite! Our specialists can remove pests safely and effectively, to provide clients with a pest-free home-base.

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Understanding Your Infestation

Instead of chewing their way in like other intruders, these household pests are often carried indoors. These moths are known as a pantry pest. Eggs are laid near viable food sources so that when they hatch, no one goes hungry. The kicker here, is that these insects have the same diet that you do! As they move through different stages of their life cycle, indian meal moths create new and exciting problems for home owners. When it comes to any stored product, pests can infiltrate, and contaminate food sources.

It might be easiest to identify an infestation when moths are fluttering around ceilings, but the place to look is inside dry foods. Stored foods, such as flour, bird seed, pet food, cereals or dried fruit are ideal spaces for adolescent moths to live. It is not the moths themselves that contaminate food sources, but the webs that they leave behind. Silk-like webbing traps droppings and shed materials, holding it inside food sources. Indian meal moth control handles adult moths, larvae and eggs. They might not bite or sting, but these contaminated food items can lead to intestinal distress or illness.

The Perks of Choosing Onsite

Professional pest control does more than manage obviously infested areas. The most likely place to find these pests is nearby to kitchens, in covered areas. There is no shortage of places to hide out inside a kitchen environment. Without treating those cracks and crevices, you might as well not have had any treatment at all!

As leaders in the pest control industry, Onsite specialists know how to identify problem areas around your property. Depending on the size and type of your affected area, pest experts create a customized plan to suit your space.

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