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Hornets might be a plague on summer fun but these pests can stay active all year long. Nests can be found above ground, underground, up high or down low. Hundreds of stinging insects can occupy one nest, so it is important to get rid of them before populations get out of control. By calling Onsite for your Abbotsford hornet nest removal, you are getting expert results from a local service.

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Identifying The Problem

It is common enough to come across a hornet here or there, but when they begin to pop up more readily around your property, there are some things to consider. Chances are that your property is not just a day destination for a happy hornet family outing, but is a regular haunt. If you are noticing more and more hornets hanging out around your property, let a professional pest control services handle them! Safety is a top priority for any and all pest control services. Whether you are dealing with wasps or hornets, these armed insects are quick to defend their nests.

There is no set diagram for a hornet’s nest, so there is no sure way to spot these structures. Whether you’ve caught them in the act, or are just noticing more and more of these aggressive insects, call Onsite to track and treat any nests around your residential or commercial properties. Hornets are known to build their nest at night, so it is easy to overlook construction. 

Dealing With Danger

Treating nests means more than setting off a bug bomb and running for the hills! Hornets might be small but they are aggressive and territorial. Flying insects have the ability to approach and sting property owners, leading to potential allergic reactions. It is even worse when you consider that that hornets can sting multiple times each. Even if you aren’t allergic to stings, this means a lot of pain and a potential hospital visit. After years in the industry, our Onsite specialists know all of the ins and outs of safely removing the nest from your property. Say goodbye to unnecessary damage and risk. Don’t let something as common as the bald faced hornet have a negative impact on your home or residential property.

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