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With the exception of bed bugs, cockroaches are probably the most disliked pests around. These insects keep pest control services in the Abbotsford areas by invading both homes and businesses. They might not be picky about where they call home, but roaches can cause one heck of a negative impact in any environment. Instead of navigating around the bacteria, droppings and extra legs that come along with a cockroach infestation – call the pros instead!

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The Consequences of Cockroaches

There is a reason that roaches are known to be survivalists. These pests can survive extreme weather, droughts, and a complete lack of food sources. Because they are so resourceful, it might be months before pest populations become obvious. In addition to being tough, these critters are tricky! Flat bodies make it possible for common species, like the German cockroach to squeeze underneath appliances, hide behind paintings and press into cracks and crevices. A proper Abbotsford cockroach removal tracks and treats pests through every inch of interiors.

Throwing down basic gel bait stations, glue traps or boric acid are not enough to get get rid of roaches. With a habit of assimilating to their environment, roaches are even capable to adapting to certain poisons. When you want rid of roach populations, only professional methods of cockroach control get results. The longer that roaches are allowed to linger around your home or workplace, the more at risk visitors and tenants become for food poisoning, digestive illness, respiratory illness and even sepsis. Don’t let these creepy-crawlers ruin your home or health when local service is right around the corner.

Why Choose Onsite

The difference between Onsite Pest Control and big-name companies is dedication, customer service and – of course – results! Local services mean that the Abbotsford community can rest easy! Prompt service works to keep populations down as much as possible but one treatment is rarely enough. Instead tossing down our own pest solutions and walking away, Onsite experts treat infestations in a multi-step process that attacks insects from adults to eggs.

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