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Centipedes might be classified as beneficial pests but that doesn’t mean you want them running around your bedroom. These pests put all hundred legs to use, marching into homes and commercial spaces in the Abbotsford area. If you are noticing critters crowding corners or scurrying across countertops, just call a pest control specialist.

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Treating Pests

Like so many other pests, centipedes are attracted to damp spaces. British Columbia is a prime place to spread their numbers but centipedes don’t stay outdoors for long. Between rain and humidity, basements, closets and attics are literally crawling with centipedes, millipedes and all manner of pests. You might squish a couple of these intruders but without professional pest control services, these intruders will keep popping up. Calling in an Abbotsford centipede removal treats your property based on the size of infestation, entry points and damp areas where centipedes typically hide out.

Unlike mice, rats or bed bugs, centipedes are not dangerous to have indoors. Property owners have to deal mostly with house centipedes (which tend to be a bit more calm) or rogue outdoor centipedes. Bites from centipedes are rare and don’t do much more than cause mild irritation. This particular insect problem is more of a nuisance than anything but you don’t have to be stuck with them.

Getting Results

It is no secret that insects hide out along cracks and crevices of walls or flooring. This system works well for them but it can make proper centipede control tough. Just treating active populations does not mean a long-term result. While the experts at Onsite treat adults centipedes as well as any lingering adolescents or eggs, there is more to it than that! Partnering with the professionals at Onsite means better results that last longer. By tracking and using specialty methods to seal cracked materials that could act as entry points, you can say goodbye to your insect problem.

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