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It takes years to gather the resources to purchase a property but it only takes minutes for ants to start tearing it all down. These insects sneak into your space and begin to break down cellulose-based materials one bite at a time. Instead of making a meal out of the wood foundations, materials, or even drywall, carpenter ants just chew it up and spit it out. Each day that these intruders are allowed to roam around your property. the more damage that you are left with. Calling Onsite stops ants in their tracks with our Abbotsford carpenter ant removal service.

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Why Choose Professional Service

Grabbing ant baits is a simple enough method to treating your insect issues – but they just don’t work! What makes getting rid of ants so tricky is that they create tunnels that run through the ins and outs of hard to reach places. In order to treat your ant problem properly, you need a professional to treat populations behind walls, under flooring and everywhere in-between.

Ants might be small, but they are mighty! Putting off proper care means damage to the structural integrity of your space, along with the cost of unnecessary repairs. The pest experts at Onsite are highly trained and experienced, not only at identifying entry points and attractants but in complete removal of multi-legged intruders.

The Onsite Method

Pest control might take on a different look with different companies, but they all have results in common. Ants might creep in with a bit of bad luck, but any food source can draw these pests in. Once one bug creeps in, they will leave ant trails behind, signalling others to follow. These populations mean satellite colonies are formed quickly and behind the scenes. Using top industry tools allows our specialists to track populations even when they are hiding. Instead of spraying chemicals into your environment, injection rods are used to treat colonies directly to ditch your ant infestation.

No matter how they enter your home or what any species you are dealing with, complete ant control is only a phone call away. Let the experts at Onsite eliminate intruders in your home, strata or commercial property with expert care, technique and safety practices.

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