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Pigeons are known as the rats of the sky – it might sound harsh but it is fairly accurate. These birds are carriers of bacteria, leave behind an unsightly mess and always outstay their welcome. When you find birds roosting and nesting across building ledges and window sills, have a professional pop in to handle your pigeon problem. Our experts arrive on scene with all the right tools and techniques to treat current populations and prevent birds from landing in the future.

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Treating Bothersome Birds

Urban areas are always at the mercy of scavenging birds. Once these avian nuisances find a recurring food source, they are in it for the long term! Unlike an ordinary pest, birds have the ability to come and go despite your best efforts to shoo them away. Opting for professional pest control means addressing those high traffic and problematic areas of your property as well as clearing way nesting sites. Don’t just scare birds away for the day, but prevent future infestations.

The longer that birds are allowed to camp out in your home or workplace, the larger the mess and the more pigeon droppings you are dealing with. In addition to looking awful, these materials are so acidic that they become corrosive. Don’t let these stains ruin pain and protective layers when prompt treatment and professional results are only a phone call away.

Effective Treatment Methods

Wild birds and feral pigeons do not stick to a regular schedule. No one wants to wash away droppings only to find more and no one wants to be woken up by incessant cooing first thing in the morning. The easiest way to prevent pigeon populations from calling your property home is to create an uninviting environment for them. Bird netting, pigeon traps and bird spikes prevent these uninvited guests from landing, never mind nesting. Placing pigeon deterrents along flat surfaces can mean a world of difference to your space, so why wait? Trying to tackle pigeon nests or bird populations on your own can be unsanitary and dangerous. In order to keep out of harm’s way, birds build their nests of out reach of humans. Trying to reach these can mean trouble for property owners. Trusting the professionals for your pigeon removal means safe practices, fully insured staff and incomparable results.

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