Finding Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

No hotel manager wants to hear that bed bugs are active on their property. If you have any experience in the hospitality industry, you surely know that a guest finding bed bugs in their room can quickly lead to bad reviews, a drop in guest numbers, and even the possibility of a closure, pending the results of a professional bed bug inspection. If you’re looking for the best ways to conduct up-keep against bed bugs in your hotel in Vancouver BC, read on. The experts at Rentokil, formerly Onsite Pest Control, have put together some advice for conducting your own bed bug inspections.

Why Do Bed Bugs Like Hotel Rooms?

Bed bugs like living in hotel rooms for a few different reasons:

  • Hotels are packed with people. A busy hotel can have hundreds or thousands of guests at a time, and each of these people is a new opportunity for bed bugs to feed.
  • People bring their belongings to and from hotels. When people keep luggage on the floor of a hotel room, they create the chance for bed bugs to crawl inside and travel around
  • There are lots of hiding spots in a hotel room. Bed bugs will hide in many more places than just mattresses, as their name might imply.

5 Spots to Look for Bed Bugs in Hotels

When checking your hotel rooms for bed bugs, it’s important to leave no stone unturned. These tiny bugs are expert hiders that will live in many more places than their name suggests. Here are the 5 most important places to check for bed bugs in hotels:

  1. Mattress, box spring, and bed frame: Bed bugs are known to hide in the creases, joints, seams, and pockets of any structures that they find themselves in, including beds.
  2. Furniture: Bed bugs will hide in the same places in all of the furniture in your room, including chairs, couches, ottomans, and more.
  3. Wardrobes, dressers, and baseboards: Your dresser drawers and the places where it touches the wall will usually provide an adequate hiding space for bed bugs in your hotel room.
  4. Nightstands and wall fixtures: Anything in your room making contact with the wall might be hiding bed bugs! You should even check behind paintings and wall decor for evidence.
  5. Closet items: When your guests leave their luggage on the floor or on luggage shelves, they might be transferring bed bugs from their luggage to your room. Thoroughly inspect your closet.

Read our full bed bug inspection guide for hotels here.

Professional Bed Bug Inspections in Vancouver BC

To make sure that your hotel rooms in Vancouver BC are 100% bed bug-free, you can trust in the services of your local pest control company. Here at Rentokil, formerly Onsite Pest Control, we train our bed bug control team to conduct holistic inspections informed by years of experience in the area. If we do find bed bugs, no matter how many, we can conduct the services required to exterminate them, whether that be focused spot treatments or room-spanning heat treatments. For a free quote or to learn more about how we can help, contact our team today!

Finding Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms in Vancouver BC

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