Fall & Winter Pests to Prevent

British Columbia winters render it nearly impossible for many types of pests to live outdoors as they normally do. While many pests disappear this time of year, there is one in particular that can actually increase in activity: rodents! In partnership with PestWorld, the NPMA recently released their 2021 Fall & Winter Bug Barometer® predicting a significant increase in rodent activity this time of year due to the cold temperatures and below-average precipitation. With our coldest months still ahead of us, now is the time to learn everything you can about winter pest pressures and what you can do to prevent an increased risk of a pest infestation. Read on to learn more about preventing ticks and rodents this winter!

Rodent Infestations During the Winter

The most concerning prediction from NPMA’s report is the expected increase in rodent activity this winter. Rodents in particular are known for heading indoors this time of year to wait out the cold months ahead. No one wants to share their home with rats and mice over the holiday season, making it important to implement winter pest control before they get indoors. The biggest concerns of a rodent infestation in your home this time of year are as follows.

  1. With their ever-growing incisor teeth, rodents are constantly chewing on a number of things in your home, electrical wires included.
  2. To build nests, rodents will tear through materials in your home, including your insulation and cardboard boxes.
  3. Rodents can directly or indirectly transmit some of the most dangerous diseases, from rat-bite fever to hantavirus.
  4. Rodent droppings can contaminate food and create a hazardous environment in your home or business.

NPMA Bug Barometer 2021

Rodents & Ticks in British Columbia

Another pest prediction is the increase in tick populations this year. Although ticks are typically a summer and fall pest, the increase of rodents could lead to the continued activity of ticks through the winter. Ticks are often brought inside homes by latching onto rats and mice. This is especially dangerous because rodent-borne diseases are often transmitted indirectly through ticks. With more tick and rodent activity, it’s more important than ever to learn how to seal off your home to winter pest problems.

Winter Pest Prevention Services

With NPMA’s prediction of increased rodent and tick activity this time of year, it’s crucial to team up with your local rodent control exterminators. At Rentokil formerly OnSite Pest Control, our experts will work hard to implement the best rodent exclusion tactics to keep rats and mice away for good. Contact us today!

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