Finding Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

Bed bug in a hotel in Vancouver BC - Rentokil, formerly Onsite Pest Control

No hotel manager wants to hear that bed bugs are active on their property. If you have any experience in the hospitality industry, you surely know that a guest finding bed bugs in their room can quickly lead to bad reviews, a drop in guest numbers, and even the possibility of a closure, pending the . . . read more.

How Fast Can Mice Reproduce In Your Home?

Mice in Vancouver BC - Rentokil, formerly Onsite Pest Control

In our cold Vancouver BC winters, the last thing we want to deal with is a mouse infestation. Once the temperatures drop below a temperature suitable for breeding, mice come running towards our houses in hopes of finding a warm place to take shelter, find food, and continue their rapid reproductive cycles. Mice are more . . . read more.

Fall & Winter Pests to Prevent

House mouse in British Columbia BC home - OnSite Pest Control

British Columbia winters render it nearly impossible for many types of pests to live outdoors as they normally do. While many pests disappear this time of year, there is one in particular that can actually increase in activity: rodents! In partnership with PestWorld, the NPMA recently released their 2021 Fall & Winter Bug Barometer® predicting . . . read more.

Facts About Rats and Mice

Rat in Vancouver BC home - OnSite Pest Control

It’s officially rodent season, meaning rat and mouse infestations are on the rise here in British Columbia. Every year as the temperature begins to dip, rodent problems become more common for homeowners. This is because rats and mice start to look to get inside homes for the cold months ahead. With Rodent Awareness Week on . . . read more.

Leaky Pipes & Thirsty Pests

Roaches are attracted to leaks in Vancouver BC homes - OnSite Pest Control

Finding out you have a plumbing issue or leaky pipes is bad enough—finding out you have pest problems due to this is even worse! Unfortunately, these two occurrences often go hand in hand. This is because pests of all types are drawn to moisture and humid environments, which is why they’re frequently found dwelling in . . . read more.

Vancouver Wasp Removal

Paper wasps in Vancouver BC - Rentokil, formerly Onsite Pest Control

Finding a wasp nest on your property is an unsettling and scary experience. Many people try to steer clear and ignore it, others fret and look to have it removed as soon as possible, and some make the mistake of trying to handle it themselves. You really never know how many wasps are inside the . . . read more.

How to Safely Kill Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water

A mosquito found in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest Control

Mosquitoes are one of the hardest pests to avoid come spring and summer. On an individual level, mosquitoes are quite frail and can only live for a month or two. However, their quick and prolific reproductive cycle allows them to wreak havoc as a species for many months every year. To stop mosquitoes from taking . . . read more.

How Do You Safely Remove Ticks?

How to safely remove ticks in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest Control

During the spring and summer in Vancouver BC, pests are everywhere! One of the most dangerous ones to be aware of this time of year is the tick. These parasitic insects may be tiny, but they pose a huge threat with their ability to transmit diseases, including Lyme disease. While getting Lyme disease is rare, . . . read more.

8 Facts About Bed Bugs in Vancouver

Bed bug in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest Control

Bed bugs. We all dread the very thought of them, the thought of getting an infestation in your own home even more. Bed bugs incite a lot of fear in people and, in turn, lead to a lot of false information spread. Because there are so many bed bug myths out there, it’s important to . . . read more.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting When Provoked?

Carpenter bees rarely sting people in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest Control

Coming across a bee or wasp of any kind can be concerning for those who don’t know how to differentiate them. Wasps, such as yellowjackets, are more likely to sting you than bees are. Carpenter bees in particular are reluctant to sting someone unless directly threatened or provoked. These wood-boring bees are most known for . . . read more.