Pest Control and Bed Bug Removal in Vancouver, BC.

Burnaby Pest Control

Being a property owner in Burnaby is a lot of hard work. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, there are always one hundred and one things to be done. While you are busy worrying about daily maintenance, pests can sneak in. Your property is at risk at every level from winged, crawling and slithering pests. Instead of learning to live with unwanted houseguests, call Onsite to serve up eviction notices with our Burnaby pest control services.

Burnaby Pest Control Service : Treatment At Every Level

The roof of your property is not a very common place to hang out. Because it tends to fall to the wayside, your roof is a prime entry point for more agile rodents. Squirrels, rats and mice can sneak in through even the smallest of opened spaces. Birds, wasps and hornets are also known to make their homes around yours. There is a constant string of resources around your property, so once these pests have built up nests, it is hard to get rid of them. Onsite has all the skill and resources to shoo these pests away without the threat of damage to your property or your person.

It might be easier to monitor pest and insect traffic at the ground level but that does not stop multiple pairs of legs from marching on your space. As temperatures take a turn for the chilly, certain pests will make their way indoors – spiders in particular! Along with dampness comes other pest problems as well. Silverfish, sow bugs and centipedes all thrive within damp environments, so you can expect to see more of them hanging around during rainy months.

The Onsite Method To Pest Control

Over the years, pest control methods have come a long way. Instead of one standard procedure, there are both chemical and non-chemical options to get rid of these pests. Creating a plan to not only remove pest populations but to prevent them from coming back is an Onsite speciality. When you want to best results for your property, call Onsite!